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Regan Law Firm recognizes the sensitivity of your personal information. We use and maintain your personal information in a manner conducive to the privacy laws in the Province of Ontario. Regan Law Firm is committed to keeping your personal information in the strictest confidence and protecting your personal information in a way that establishes trust.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide you (the “User”) with information about the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information that you provide to us, either directly through the Regan Law Firm website (“Website”) or indirectly through third parties.



Since the coming into force of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (the “Act”) and other related legislation, all businesses engaged in commercial activities are required to collect, use, and protect personal information in compliance with applicable privacy laws.



Regan Law Firm collects information about our users for three primary purposes:

  1. To engage with prospective clients who have not yet retained our firm;

  2. To maintain client lists and information related to potential conflicts of interest; and

  3. To use your information to represent you in the context of the lawyer-client relationship.



Our Website collects information that may identify you. We collect and use your personal information to learn more about our market and to facilitate legal services to those who use the Website. Regan Law Firm is committed to collecting, using, and storing your personal information in a manner that is open, fair, and compliant with relevant privacy legislation.

We collect information about our Website users in several ways, including directly from the user, through Website server logs, and the use of cookies. In most circumstances, you consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information. User consent may also be implied by your conduct and use of the Website.

Personal information may be requested and supplied through our contact or booking forms available on the Website and may include your name, email address, telephone number, municipal address, and other relevant information. We will never request sensitive identifiable information such as credit card information, driver's license numbers, banking information, Birth Certificates, Passports, and similar sensitive information from you through our Website. The user assumes sole liability and risk for submitting sensitive information through our Website.

Additionally, our Website may track information about your visit and store such information in web server logs. Examples of information that may be collected include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the name of your IP provider, the location from which you access our Website, the date and time of your visit, the type of browser used, the web pages or address that brought you to our Website, and certain searches that you conducted on our Website. This information is saved electronically and may be collected, used, and stored by third parties. Regan Law Firm is not liable for losses or damages resulting from the improper use or disclosure of your personal information that is stored by third parties. The User assumes all liability for losses associated with the improper use, collection, or disclosure of information by third parties, including losses incurred as a result of data breaches, malware attacks, email fraud, and any other form of improper use that may have resulted in personal information being compromised.


We use your personal information to contact you and provide legal advice and services. Your personal information may be stored in client databases, including email accounts, docketing databases, billing databases, and other productivity applications or databases. Your personal information may be stored for a period of time after our services are no longer required, in accordance with the Law Society of Ontario Rules of Professional Conduct. We take appropriate security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized use or disclosure. However, we cannot guarantee that your information will not be accessed by unauthorized or unlawful means.


Regan Law Firm will not disclose your personal information, except in the following circumstances:

  1. When we are legally required to disclose your information, for example by court order;

  2. When we are required to provide your information to third parties to facilitate the provision of legal services (eg. accountants, business valuators, psychological assessors, or other professionals required to facilitate your legal matter);

  3. When you have consented to the disclosure of your personal information, including circumstances where your consent is implied by conduct;

  4. Where required by third party providers who assist with the maintenance of our Website and databases and such third parties are bound by this privacy policy;

  5. Where required, to retain expert witnesses to facilitate your matter; and

  6. In circumstances where your personal information is already in the public domain.


Regan Law Firm implements safeguards to ensure that your personal information is securely stored. Reasonable precautions to secure your information include internal password and security policies, using technology including firewalls and security software to prevent unauthorized use, securing physical computers and servers, and ensuring that only those who are authorized and bound by this privacy policy access your personal information.


If at any time you wish to opt-out of being contacted by our firm after providing your personal information, contact us by telephone at 289-401-3585 or email to request that we cease contact and purge your personal information from our databases, if required. If you would like to update your personal information, contact us by telephone or email (see above) to submit any changes so that we can update them accordingly.


Those wishing to contact us by email should be aware that email communications may be subject to interception, malware, unlawful disclosure, typos that result in failed transmissions, and other unauthorized use. Regan Law Firm shall not be responsible for any losses or damage from your choice to correspond with our firm using email communications. In the event of a data breach, interception, malware attack, typos resulting in failed transmissions, or any other inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure, you assume 100% of the losses or damage that flows from the disclosing event(s) in question.


If you wish to access your personal information or if have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact our firm by telephone at 289-401-3585, by email at, or by sending a letter to 161 Rebecca Street, 2nd Floor, Hamilton, Ontario L8R 1B9.


Regan Law Firm reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy, in accordance with practice needs and changes to existing privacy legislation.

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