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Separation and family conflict is often emotionally challenging and full of complicated legal nuances. Regan Law Firm provides reliable, trusted legal advice on all matters related to:

  • Divorce;

  • Custody and Access;

  • Child Support;

  • Spousal Support;

  • Property Division for Married Spouses; 

  • Property Claims for Unmarried Spouses.

  • Cohabitation Agreements;

  • Marriage Contracts;

  • Separation Agreements; and

  • Independent Legal Advice. 

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Preparing a Will and Powers of Attorney is the most effective way to combat uncertainty and provide peace of mind to your loved ones. Regan Law Firm works closely with clients to develop an estate plan that mirror's their unique circumstances. Our estate law services include:

  • Single Wills and Mirror Wills (Spousal Wills);

  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care;

  • Power of Attorney for Property;

  • Inter Vivos Trusts;

  • Living Wills (Advanced Directives); 

  • Estate Administration (Probate With or Without a Will); and

  • Elder Law.

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Few events in life create the challenges and anxiety brought on by separation and divorce. At Regan Law Firm, we aim to provide a supportive, compassionate, and reliable source of objective legal advice to help you navigate these difficult times. We represent a broad range of family law clients' and assist them in resolving their family law matters to achieve fair outcomes expeditiously. In recent years, courts and family law practitioners have emphasized alternative dispute resolutions mechanisms to facilitate settlement long before parties ever step foot in a courtroom. Regan Law Firm prioritizes dispute resolution, including the negotiation of family law matters and the use of trained and impartial mediators to facilitate cost-efficient outcomes that mitigate family conflict. While we strongly encourage negotiation and settlement, where possible, our firm is prepared to engage in the court process where parties adopt unreasonable positions that may delay or prejudice your rights and interests. 

Ancillary to our family law practice, we offer wills and estate planning and estate administration services. We are passionate about helping people achieve the security and peace of mind brought by having prepared wills and powers of attorney. We work with you to design an estate plan that mirrors your intentions, financial circumstances, and your unique family dynamic.  

Whether your objective is to achieve a lasting resolution to family conflict or to develop an estate plan that provides your family peace of mind, Regan Law Firm will support you at every step of the way. Our experience, commitment to effective communication and fast response times, devotion to client satisfaction, and a transparent approach to fees are the pillars of our practice. At Regan Law Firm, we leverage our strengths to get you to the other side. 



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 Principal Lawyer and Founder

Blake is proud to serve the Hamilton community, where he was born and raised, in addition to Burlington, Oakville, and the surrounding area. Blake applies a compassionate approach, relying on his experience and diplomatic advocacy to navigate family law matters with sensitivity. Blake enjoys resolving the most challenging issues in the family law arena, including complex property division for both married and unmarried spouses, high conflict child custody and access disputes, child and spousal support claims and drafting agreements, including cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, and separation agreements. 

Estate law brings its own set of unique challenges.  Blake works tirelessly with clients to ensure that they make informed succession planning decisions. Blake is committed to providing a high level of service, highly responsive communication, and fair outcomes that reflect current trends in the law. 

Blake completed his undergraduate degree in Business and Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo in 2011, knowing he may pursue a career in law. In 2017, Blake earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Ottawa and completed his articles with a senior practitioner. Blake was called to the Ontario Bar in 2019. Prior to opening Regan Law Firm, Blake worked with a prominent Toronto family lawyer while in law school and with a smaller regional law firm practising exclusively family law. 

In his spare time,  Blake enjoys travelling, including the new cultural and culinary experiences that travel brings, reading, skiing, and staying active with his spouse, friends, and family. 

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